Rude corporate identity

Rude bar opens in Bologna during spring 2016.

Rude as direct, sincere, perhaps even too much.

The proposal consists of:
• home brewed beer;
• careful and restricted choice of wine;
• mainly classic and accurate cocktails;
• typical and seasonal food products, all in a particular accompanied environment

Good music, easy-going place.

From the end of the second year the business expands,
with the opening of the summer version on the Bologna hills,
at a public park characterized by presence
of a ruined cottage.

“Rudere” which means “Ruined Cottage” arrives.


bar sketch

labels for home brewed beer

labels for home wine

handwritten board menus

poster for sundays dj-set

flyers for amateur dj-sets

flyers for live music events


logo for bar’s summer location

poster and flyers for open air live music events

poster and flyers for open air cinema events

flyers for saturdaysdays dj-sets